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Student Fees

We understand that transparency and accessibility are paramount when it comes to education. Here, you'll find comprehensive information on our tuition fees, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the investment you're making in your child's future.

Quality education should be within reach, and we're committed to providing you with the details you need to make informed decisions. Explore our tuition fee structure and discover the value of a Prime School International education.

Capital Levy: 2,500.00€ / once. A one-off payment on enrolment is mandatory & non-refundable.

Registration Fee: 600.00€ / once. Payment made on enrolment is mandatory & non-refundable.

Renewal Fee: 480.00€ / year. Payment made on enrolment is mandatory & non-refundable. After February each year, a late renewal fee of €120,00 will be added to the renewal fee.

Insurance Fee: 115.00€ / year.

Meals: 1,760,00€ / year. Meal service includes morning snacks, lunch & afternoon snacks.

Snacks: 748.00€ / year.

Canteen Service: 350.00€ / year. Canteen Service is payable by all students who eat meals within the school premises and who have not subscribed to the Meals Service.

Boarding: 16,500.00€ / year (start September to end of June).

Terms and Conditions

We prioritize transparency and clear communication with our students and their families. As such, we present the following Terms and Conditions of Payment and School Regulations, which outline our financial policies, enrolment procedures, and essential guidelines for maintaining a conducive educational atmosphere. Please review the information thoroughly to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our school's expectations and requirements.

The following excerpt includes selected portions of Prime School's internal regulations, focusing on essential financial policies, enrolment procedures, and other pertinent guidelines. For comprehensive information, please refer to the complete set of internal regulations provided by our administrative office.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the outlined details to ensure a smooth and productive experience within our academic community.

Terms and Conditions of Payment: The initial term fees (Tuition and Capital Levy, if applicable) are payable upon registration or re-registration of a student and are non-refundable, irrespective of circumstances. Failure to settle the first quarter's fees by the due date will result in the loss of your child’s place, with the invoiced amounts remaining due and payable.

Registration / Transfers: Pre-enrolment of a student at Prime School International for the upcoming academic year can be done at any time.

Siblings Discount: If a student has a younger sibling enrolled at our school, the eldest sibling is eligible for a 15% discount on the tuition fee. Should a student have two younger siblings enrolled at our school, the eldest is eligible for a 25% discount on the tuition fee. Should a student have three or more younger siblings also enrolled, that student will receive a 40% discount on the tuition fee.

Cambridge Exams: All international exams will be charged separately.

Special Needs: Support for Special Needs will be charged according to the specificity of the student. Prime School reserves the right to subsequently withdraw any place offered based on incomplete disclosure of known or suspected SEN circumstances or false information presented on the application process.

Transportation Services: Shuttle services between the school's campuses, if available, are provided at no cost to the students.

Enrolment of New Students: To enrol new students, completion of the registration process is mandatory at least one month before the commencement of lessons for the current or subsequent academic year. If a student withdraws from the enrolment process, the non-refundable registration fees and capital levy will not be reimbursed.

Late Admission: If a student begins lessons during any quarter, the fee to reserve the student's place will include Tuition for the full quarter, alongside the Registration Fee and Capital Levy for the entire academic year (if applicable).

Early Withdrawal: Written notice of intent to withdraw during the corresponding academic year must be submitted to the Admissions Office 90 days before withdrawal. Failure to provide written notice by the deadline will result in the full-term fees becoming due and payable, regardless of attendance.

Boarding Facilities: Boarding services encompass accommodation and laundry services for clothing and bed linen, as well as transportation (boarding-school-boarding) and all meals. Please note that holidays (Christmas, Easter, July, and August) are not covered in this provision. Additional invoices will be issued if the student continues to reside in the boarding facilities beyond the specified holiday period. These invoices will be calculated proportionally based on the annual fee structure.

Tuition Fees Payments: Prime School International has a price list for each academic year, including Tuition and other fees. The annual fee can be paid in the following ways:

  • In Full: By 31st of August (before the start of the academic year);
  • Termly: Invoices will be issued on 10 of August (for Sep, Oct, Nov), 10 of Nov (for Dec, Jan, Fev) and 10 of February (for Mar, Abr, May, Jun);

To avail 3% discount on the yearly fee, the amount must be fully paid in advance. All payments are to be made by MB (Entity/Ref), with payment details provided in the lower left-hand corner of all invoices. If unable to pay this way, payment can be made in person at one of our campuses via a credit card machine or through bank transfer. Proof of payment should be emailed to for reconciliation.

Financial Regulations and Outstanding Payments: Students with unsettled accounts will not be included on the grade list until the matter is resolved, which can be addressed through the financial department. Any payments made after the specified deadlines will be subject to a 10% late fee on the outstanding amount, in addition to a monthly interest of 1% on delayed payments. Prime School International reserves the right to refuse attendance to students with overdue accounts. Prime School also retains the right to exclude students whose parents or guardians do not meet their payment obligations or contracted services. In the event of a student's withdrawal without 90 days' prior notice, the parent is liable for the subsequent three months' fees. Please note that non-attendance will not lead to any reduction in tuition fees or other services.

Staying After School Hours: Study and support rooms are available from 16h15 to 17h15 at a daily cost of €20.00. Students enrolled in Prime School Clubs can stay until 17h30 at no additional cost. After 17h30, a daily fee of €20.00 will apply. The time limit for staying at the School Campus, even if paying the weekly fee, is 18h00 without exception.

Books and Uniforms: In July, a list of required textbooks and uniforms will be sent to parents, including supplier details. Alternatively, books can be found online on platforms such as Amazon.

School Insurance: School insurance is compulsory and is invoiced in the first invoice of the academic year. No student is allowed to attend classes until the insurance is paid.

Damages: In the case of damage caused by students to school premises or materials, parents or guardians will be informed, and an invoice for repairs will be sent, due within eight days.

Financial Assistance / Scholarships: A limited number of fee reductions are granted annually for Kindergarten to Year 13 students, subject to evidence of financial need. Eligible families must have had their child(ren) attend Prime School for at least one consecutive year, with good academic and behavioural records. Applications for financial assistance are received until February 23rd of each academic year and are reviewed by the Board of Trustees, with notification to parents or guardians by May 15th.

Revisions: All school fees are subject to revision during the school year in the event of unusual or unforeseen economic conditions. Prime School reserves the right to amend the above-stated terms and fees at any time without further notice. The student fees will be increased in accordance with the publication by INE - Portuguese National Institute of Statistics of the latest Consumer Price Index for a full calendar year.

Should you have any queries or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated staff, who are always available to assist you.

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